Stylish Modern Ideas For Stylish Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities are probably the first noticeable thing in your Bathroom. It gives an impression and compliments your Lifestyle and habits. Bathroom vanities appear to be best when they go perfectly with the dimensions, colors, and contrast of the bathroom. Hence, it is important to create a plan and have ideas before going to bathroom vanities.
Here we bring 5 Bathroom vanity ideas that will enhance the beauty of your Bathroom –

Freestanding Bathroom vanity
No doubt, it is the most popular and trending vanity type in the market nowadays. One of the reasons for its popularity is the in-built storage facility.  The freestanding bathroom vanity is perfect for the storage of toilet tissues, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials out of sight. Freestanding vanity cabinets reflect luxury and can be a real focal point of your washroom, in many ways it can decree the entire design of your washroom.

Floating Bathroom Vanity
If you have a plan to make your washroom appear bigger, expansive and airy then, Float bathroom vanities are for you.  These vanities can also remove cleaning around the messy corners and alcoves giving the glimpse of your shinning tiles. 

Shelf Bathroom Vanity
Shelf Bathroom Vanity is a great way to turn your daily toiletries and other bathroom essentials into a decor stuff in a stylish way. This also helps to keep the space clean and make it look vivacious. They are also flawless for storing extra towels and other bigger things that might end up in your closet.

Console Bathroom vanity

Console bathroom Vanities are more of like same in configuration to the freestanding cabinet unit. However, it has bare storage shelves instead of closed-door cupboards. Console bathroom vanities create an authentic and stylish look, while still providing enough storage space for the toiletries.

Wall Mounted Vanity

Wall-mounted bathroom vanities comprise all the practical essentials of a bathroom vanity. From cabinets to counter space, everything so unique that they leave up enough of the wall and floor space to make even the smallest of a bathroom to look bigger. In addition to that, you can also add LED strip light to the bottom for a glowing look.


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